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Sunday School


Sunday School

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church conducts a Sunday School beginning on the Sunday after Labor Day and running through the Sunday before Memorial Day. This Sunday School is held at the same time as the Divine Service on Sunday morning, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m., and can include up to five classes ranging from pre-school through eighth grade, depending on the number and age of the children enrolled in it.


·         Pre school: 3 years old through Kindergarten

·         Primary: 1st - 2nd Grades

·         Elementary: 3rd - 4th Grades

·         Intermediate: 5th - 6th Grades

·         Upper: 7th - 8th Grades

The Bible lessons, which we teach, are based on a four-year cycle. This four-year cycle is as follows:
Old Testament Bible History: Creation to Israel's Entrance into the Promised Land - Old Testament Bible History: Israel Loses God's Blessings to Ezra's Reformation – New Testament Bible History: Birth of John the Baptist to Zacchaeus - New Testament Bible History: The Good Shepherd to Judgment Day.

The purpose of this Sunday School is to teach the more familiar Bible Stories to our children and in so doing to give them a basic knowledge of God’s plan of salvation as carried out in their Savior Jesus Christ. This also serves to provide these children with a good basis for their instruction in the Catechism, which can begin as early as the 6th grade, but which normally begins in the 7th grade and runs through the 8th grade. It is, of course, our prayer that the Christian instruction, which St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church offers its children, will prepare them well for full and faithful participation in God’s Service throughout their earthly lives.