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Altar Guild
Altar Guild



The service of altar guild members reflects our attitude toward our worship services. The care you joyfully give this task reflects our love for the Lord's house. We are indeed indebted to the service you have performed during these many years and welcome those who wish to join this service.




It is customary to prepare the altar the day previous to the service.


1.      Check the 'flower chart' on the “red” bulletin board in the foyer. If a member has signed up to put flowers on the altar, be sure to call them early as a reminder. Also, check the kitchen area for plants which were stored there from a previous service.


If no flowers are planned for a given date or are found in the kitchen, you may use one of the silk arrangements in the Altar Guild Closet (the closet on the left facing the altar) or you may provide your own.


Note: If the altar colors are violet, NO flowers are to be placed on the altar.  However, flowers may be placed on the piano, organ or flower stands under the hymn boards.


Never set potted plants or cut flowers on the altar cloths.


2.      Remove the plastic covers and dust all chancel furniture.


3.      Ensure that the Missal is offset from center towards the left as you face the altar.


4.      Place the collection plates on the stand to the left facing the altar.



1.      Check the church calendar, which is posted in the Altar Guild Closet (the closet on the left facing the altar), for the proper seasonal color of the altar cloths. (Advent is violet, Christmas through Transfiguration is white, Septuagesima (all of Pre-Lent and Lent) through Maundy Thursday is violet, Good Friday is black, Easter through Ascension is white, Pentecost is red, Trinity up to Reformation is green, Reformation is red, the remaining Sundays up to Advent are green.  Thanksgiving is red.)  Place the appropriate colored cloths on the altar, pulpit and lectern.

2.      Cover altar, pulpit and lectern with plastic covers after the service is over.

3.      Check with the donor of flowers for their wishes for disposal of them. If it is a plant to be used again, store it in the kitchen and water it. (Easter Lilies and Poinsettias may be set in the foyer to receive sun during the week.) If a silk arrangement was used, please return it to the closet.


1.     Direct any questions to Altar Guild Chairman/Vice President of Ladies Circle or an Elder.