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We are indeed blessed to have a wonderful building where we can gather to hear and receive the Gospel of Our Lord in Word and Sacrament. And it is one of our privileges to keep His house in the manner that reflects that attitude toward our Lord. This is why we gladly accept the task of occasionally being the official custodian of the church.


The trustees of St. John's have prepared a list of items that normally require attention. If something minor is found to need attention, treat it as you would if it happened in your own home. If it is something that you cannot handle, please bring it to the attention of the trustees.


The normal practice has been to do these jobs a day or two before the service.


Every family household should have an entrance key to the church.  If a key was not given your family, ask a trustee get one made for you.




Vacuum all carpeting in the church --sanctuary, altar area, entry, stairways. Then empty the vacuum cleaner or dispose of the dirty filter.


Dust pews, front of church sanctuary, entry and basement as needed.


Clean windows (with Windex) as needed.


Align hymnals in racks. Remove old bulletins.


Sweep and dust loft.


Sweep both outside entries (remove any cobwebs, dead leaves or grass clippings).


Vacuum basement and clean restrooms as needed (stools, lavatories and mirrors).

Replenish any supplies and dump wastebaskets (including garbage can.)


Clean sink and counter in kitchen area.


Straighten up all tables and chairs in basement.


Report any burnt-out bulbs to trustees.


When leaving check all four entry doors to be sure they are locked.


Make sure the thermostat is returned its automatic setting if you should raise or lower the temperature while working in the church.


All lights (including EXIT lights) should be off.  (Check “Light Switch Placement chart” in Narthex closet.)


On behalf of the congregation, the trustees thank those who have given of their time to keep the interior of our church as clean and orderly as our own homes.




Supplies are located in the closet off the MENS bathroom, in the furnace room, under the sink in the kitchen and in the Narthex closet.


There have been occasions when cleaning materials have been used up and trustees are not readily available to replenish them. It has been our past practice to purchase such materials and present the bill to the trustees for reimbursement.


NOTE: Use care when storing items in furnace room. Do not store in a way that could cause a fire.



NOTE: The Altar Guild will set out the seasonal altar cloths (parament, lectern and pulpit cloths) for the Sunday Service -- including flowers, if appropriate for the season. The elders will replace the altar candles as needed and prepare the communion ware.