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Our ushers are often the first persons that visitors to our service contact and the impressions made may be lasting ones.  Our members also form opinions based on our words and actions.  May your service reflect your Savior’s love and concern for His people.


We rely upon the ushers to take charge of the duties of the laity during the service. With this in mind, we ask that you follow these suggestions when serving as an usher.




1.       Plan to arrive at least twenty minutes before the service.


2.       Unlock both entry doors (the south from the parking lot and the north from the street).


3.       Ensure that all of the proper lights are on. (Exit, entry, sanctuary, stairwell, basement, fans, chancel, hymn boards and altar cross.)


4.       Greet all visitors and ask them to sign the guest register.


5.       Check the sanctuary temperature prior to the start of the service. Adjust accordingly, with either heat or air conditioning.


6.       Hand out the bulletins and other seasonal or other appropriate materials.


7.       Close the doors to the sanctuary before worship.


8.       Light all of the candles on the altar (from outside working in – starting on the left of the altar) five minutes prior to the start of the service.  Light other appropriate candles after altar candles are lit. (Advent, Lent, Easter, Baptismal)


9.       Take attendance and record it in the book stored in the narthex cupboard.



Please be seated in the “narthex pew”.

1.     Assist those persons arriving late in finding a seat. Encourage them to enter the sanctuary at an appropriate time (during a hymn or a part of the liturgy that is being sung). If the sermon is in process, seat them with as little disturbance as possible. Above all, make them feel comfortable and not embarrassed -- we don't want them to leave.

2.     Offer assistance to those who must leave the sanctuary.

3.     At the beginning of the sermon, dim the lights only slightly. After the sermon, return them to full power.

4.     Be prepared to come forward after the sermon to receive the offering plates. The pastor will come to the front of the chancel with the plates. This is your signal to come forward and take the plates. Turn toward the pew on your side and work toward the rear. Be sure that all are given the chance to put their contribution in the offering plate. Be patient with children.

5.     When the collection is complete, wait at the rear of the sanctuary until the pastor comes to the front of the chancel. This is your signal to bring the offering to him. As soon as the pastor has taken the offering, slide in the communion rail and then return to the rear of the sanctuary. 

6.     Check the sanctuary temperature during service. Adjust accordingly, with either heat or air conditioning.

7.     Answer the phone if it rings during service.



1.       Extinguish candles on the altar and all other candles altar (from outside working in).


2.       Distribute / Collect any appropriate materials.


3.       Bring any communion registration cards to the sanctuary desk.


4.       Close all windows.


5.       Close and lock all doors.




1.     Notify the elders in advance if you find you cannot serve on a given day. This will give them time to find a replacement for you.


2.     Take note of special week-night services and festivals which occur during the month you serve.


3.     During the winter, assist with the cleaning of sidewalks.  (Shovels, salt in narthex closet.)


Ushering requires no money and no extra time in the service and worship of our Lord. It only takes a desire to assist in making our worship service run smoothly and without interruption. It is a way to serve our fellow Christians and, best of all, an opportunity to serve the Lord who gave His all for us.


May we serve Him willingly and with joy.

The Elders of St. John's