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The Board of Trustees

       The Board of Trustees shall consist of four members. The chairman of the board shall be elected by the members of the board. It shall be the duties of the Board of Trustees to:


a)         administer all property belonging to the congregation; maintain inventory
               controls; and to transact all the business of the congregation assigned to
               them by the Voters' Assembly;

b)         make such improvements and repairs as they deem expedient, without
               necessary consent of the Voters' Assembly and Church Council, up
               to the amount of $100.00 per incident. Such actions shall be
               subsequently reported to both the Church Council and Voters' Assembly
               at their next meetings;

c)         approve the expenditure of the congregation's monies;

d)         assist the Financial Secretary in counting all offerings and receipts;

e)         chose from the Board, one Trustee who will serve on the Budget




Clean or replace filters in furnace.


Replace burned-out light bulbs.


Check supplies at time of semi-annual cleaning (paper products, cleaning supplies and tools, vacuum filters, spare light bulbs, candles, sidewalk salt).


Adjust water faucets. Turn off outside water taps in winter and turn on in summer. Turn all water valves in and out to prevent corrosion, the position to correct setting.


Drain water heater twice each year.


Change storm windows and screens to coincide with the appropriate season.


Change the direction of the sanctuary ceiling fans to coincide with the appropriate season.



Mr. Terry Bates
Mr. Matt Hart
Mr. Jim Schoch