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Church Council


 St. John's Church Council

           The Church Council shall be composed of the following members: the President of the congregation, the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, the Board of Elders, the Board of Trustees, the respective chairmen of the Evangelism and Stewardship committees and the Sunday School Superintendent. The Pastor shall serves as ex-officio member of the Council.

The church officers shall adorn their high office with an honest way of life and be good examples to the congregation. (1 Timothy 3:8­12) The members of the Church Council shall consult together concerning the total spiritual and physical well-being of the congregation, giving due attention also to the work of the Lord in the church at large. They shall implement resolutions of the congregation and carry out such assignments as are directed to them by the congregation.

             It shall be the duty of the Church Council to meet once a month to consider and discuss all matters pertaining to the general welfare of the congregation as presented by the various boards and to present recommendations to the Voters' Assembly or congregation. In those months when the Voters' Assembly meets, the Church Council will meet concurrently. The Church Council shall act in matters committed to it by the Voters' Assembly. The Church Council has the authority to evaluate each office, board, committee, or organization of the church, to insure that all are functioning effectively in doing the work of Christ in His Kingdom. Reports of all meetings held by boards and committees shall be submitted to the Church Council monthly. 

Pastor (Ex-Officio)                      Rev. Cary P. Grant, MDiv.
President -                                    Mr. Tom Henke
Vice-President -                            
Secretary-                                     Mr. Michael L. Strong
Treasurer-                                     Mr. Gary Cook
Finacial Secretary-                       Mr. Al Bessey
Evanalgisim Committee-             Mr. Kurt Dobberteen / Mr. Michael L. Strong ( Co-Chiarmain 2019 )
Stewardship Committee-             
Mr. Kurt Dobberteen / Mr. Michael L. Strong ( Co-Chiarmain 2019 )
Sunday School Superintendent Mr. Don Barker / Mr. Stacy Dorbin ( Co- Superintendents 2019 )

Board of Trustees-                        Mr. Jim Schoch
Board of Trustees-                        Mr. Terry Bates
Board of Trustees-                        Mr. Matt Hart
Board of Trustees-                     

Endowment Committee Chairman-  Mr. Kurt Dobberteen